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Angel in her new harness

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I finally received her Puppia harness in the mail. She loves it!
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What a great harness and what a great model. She is darling. I love the pink!

I bet she does! look how cute she looks in it :D
I just love that harness and she looks gorgeous in it. :) Where did you get it from? It looks very comfortable and I like harness that don't put any strain on their neck :D
Thank you all! I had seen a post here actually about them. Can't recall now who posted it though. The post sent me here...
awwwwww - she is adorable - what is her name? - love the last one :D
Thanks Jon! Her name is Angel. My pride and joy. :D
awwww - lovely name! - post more pics soon :D :wave:
wow she looks gorgeous! great piccys!
she is beautiful and I love her harness :D
I'm so glad that you like it! It looks like it fits Angel perfectly too!! :D Ooh I love the pink too! I wanted to get the pink one for Sadie because she has a black one and Ritz has a red one and I really think pink is her color! :wink:

Here is the old post. BeamerFritzyKosmo created it.
I love the pic of her licking her lips...too cute ! She looks great in her little harness.
Love the harness, she's a really pretty Angel.
She is so cute! I love her markings and her ears!!! Great harness too! :D
it looks very comfortable and she seems to not be bothered by wearing it.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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