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I haven't been on for a while, what with the holidays and the business and all. This is our slow time. Slow. . .actually, only about one customer or job per day!! But it is January.

Anyway, I would like to let everyone know about Angel. I was kind of frustrated with him, his biting, not learning, etc! Well, what a difference a year makes! He has become more receptive to learning, learned bite inhibition, and is actually becoming quite the little chi! He has impressed me. I feel that as he gets older, it will only get better. There are a few issues we still have to work on, but all in all, he is doing great! In fact, if I have to scold him, and tell him he needs a "time out" he goes to his crate!! Oh! And the squirt bottle really works! I am being careful not to overuse it! If I pick it up, he stops his bad behavior and kind of curls up!

I do, however, believe my husband spoiled him in the beginning and those obstacles are going to be hard to overcome, but I will keep working on them!
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