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Angelragz up and runnin'!!

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Hey guys!! :wave: Remember that doggie clothes company that Sadie and Ritz were modeling for? Well, she got her website up and running, so check it out!! :D I don't think her credit card processing system is ready yet but if you want to order anything you can email her.

Here's the site: :angel10:

If you guys have any questions about the products or anything pm me!! :D
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She has some really cute stuff! And everything is really good quality. The material is really thick and sewn well and the tshirts have really good quality screening.

PS...I promise we don't get anything for saying good things about the company!! :D We just got a lot of free stuff because Sadie and Ritz modeled and Nate took the pictures...and we love it!
great site ....although the pics are not very well and i found a lot of spelling mistakes :? but i love the clothes !!!!

kisses nat
Yep...we already told the owner, they will be fixing all those little things soon. It just was finished today. =)
Nice site! Sadie and Ritz look great! :wink:

Wow great is that?
Good job!


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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