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I would be angry too but your vet is probably just following protocol with the shots in general, not thinking of Stitch's size or the momma's concerns. I would be concerned that giving shots that soon after Stitchy-poo has recovered would make him sick again or keep him from recovering fully (which is your concern, I bet).

Do you like and trust this vet? From what you said, it sounds like you don't know her very well. If you're comfortable doing it, you could call and ask why Stitcheroo isn't on any meds and why she wants to give the shots so soon after he gets better. Find the reasons and either your mind will be eased or you can get even angrier. LOL

You can always find another vet if you're not satisfied with the treatment Stitch-a-rama is getting. He's what's important here and I'm sure his vet doesn't want all of us to show up on their doorstep looking for answers.

I love Stitch... I hope he's feeling much much much better today. :)
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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