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Ahhh, ok i'm with you now. (read the posts) Jolie had diarrhea right after i got her. It started a couple days after i brought her home. I got her on a Saturday, took her to the vet on Monday. I mentioned the diarrhea but that she didn't act sick. The vet told me to give her vanilla yogurt. I tried but she wouldn't eat it. He appetite was "so so", but she continued to gain weight and didn't act sick. A week later i took her back to the vet with a stool specimen in a baggie that had a bit of blood in it. which they tested. (they had tested her stool the week before for worms and she had none) She had an enormous bacterial infection, probably from the stress of a new home, according to the vet. She was placed on amoxicillin, which she loved and thought it was a yummy treat and by the next day her poop was normal and her appetite improved. I didn't ask but wondered why Jolie wasn't tested when i first brought her in with the diarrhea. I guess i need to remind my vet that i don't like the conservative route and always want to run every tests available when my baby is sick! lol

I hope your baby get better quickly but i'd be hounding someone until i got some satisfaction if he's not!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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