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That is the Question?


So what do you think? The Behavioral Specialist has a 3 month follow up and unlimited contact during those 3 months for questions.

The obedience trainer. Is very familiar with Chihuahua's as she has 3 of her own.

The Behavioral specialist is a little cheaper for both dogs.

Compared to the obedience trainer. Which would have to be done separate as I am the only one who can handle the dogs as I am the only one whom takes care of them.

I'm also thinking of scheduling an appointment with a vet in the area I live in now. First I need to find one though. In Virginia they were seen through the Paws Clinic through Pet Supplies Plus. Similar to the Banifield Clinic.

I think Penelope might also have LP. As she is some what bow legged. So I want to get that evaluated to. Even though her previous Vet never mentioned it.
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