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animal planet

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does anyone watch the tv show "Emergency Vets" on Animal Planet? i dont know why i torture myself. i watch it sometimes and EVERYTIME i end up crying. :sad2:
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Me too!
Why can't there be more caring vets like those people. And they always work payments out w/the people!
I am addicted to Animal Planet. I love Miracle pets too! Get the tissues!!!
the show is a real tear-jerker. Take my advice and watch Celldogs instead. Its all about how they save dogs from shelters and have them retained by prison inmates so the dogs can get adopted. It's really positive and i wish my state would do a program like this.
I watch that too and animal cops, I really like! I like when the people get caught that abuse the animals!
animal cops makes me cry too... :shock: BUT i love the part when the animal owner gets busted.
I like Celldogs. But Animal Cops is my favorite. I can't imagine how animals live in some of those conditions, let alone people. :roll:
I watch emergency vets but then get crazy about if that stuff could happen to my baby :roll: I can't watch Animal Cops because it is tooo sad. People who treat animals like that should get the same treatment or worse :x I love Thats my baby
Thats My Baby is great too!

i love animal planet....... :D
I want to be an RN and work in Emergency Medicine, but despite my tolerance to human pain (don't take that the wrong way :wink: ), I absolutely can not STAND to watch abuse inflicted on animals. I've tried to watch Animal Cops, Emergency Vets, etc. but I usually get upset and cry. Lol, it's just horrible the things people are capable of.
Yes I agree it is horrible how some people can treat animals.
That's a big reason why I prefer the company of animals over humans.
I watch animal planet a lot.
It's good that they have those shows on so kids will learn what is unacceptable treatment of animals. And also remind us that there are a lot of animals that need our help.
OMG...I'm always crying after Emergency Vets!! But i love the other shows too...Cell Dogs, Animal Cops or whatever that show is called. That station is the best!
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