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Ugh!! I'm sorry you had to deal with that. I have dealt with minor comments from family too. My husband makes an occasional remark about how I treat Angel better than him. My dad and aunt both think I am insane for babying her the way I do. I was talking to my dad about changing her food to RC and he made a comment that I was spending too much money on "just a dog". That store brands should be more than adequate for her. After all, she's "just a dog."

I know animals don't mean as much to some people as they do others but when I get comments like that, I take strong offense to it. Was like when I had my rats and they both ended up being put down due to cancerous growths. My dad said, they are just rats... get new ones. Very frustrating.

Some people just don't understand how much we care for our babies... human or canine! I could not possibly love Angel more if I had given birth to her. She is just as much my baby as my daughters are. She knows I would do anything for her and trusts me completely. I am so proud of her and take pride in the strong bond that we share. It is unfortunately that many people will never feel that kind of bond or understand it.

:( :roll: :x :cry:
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