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Another Chihuahua?

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Hey everyone!
I'm new to the chi world!
My lil boy was born on 15/03/2020. He's super cute, patient and has brought me so much joy.
I found out the his parents are due for their second litter in November of this year. I had already planned to have a second dog but I'm getting mixed opinions on going with the litter immediately after his.
Some say it's too early (my boy will be 9 months by then)
Some say siblings aren't always the best idea (but they from seperate litters?)
But on the other hand, some people are saying earlier is better for bonding.
And chihuahuas like the comfort of a playmate (with I'm sure plenty of people here having more than one chi)

I really like and trust this breeder and her dogs. And to be honest, my chi is just a really cool little guy. Is it silly to think it's all in his DNA?
Anyway any advice would be helpful!
Do people often have chihuahuas from the same parents? Do they know they're siblings??
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Please consider adoption from a good rescue. So many chihuahuas are desperately looking for homes. I won't lecture - I'm sure you know the drill. . . 馃槉
Oh I would love to, but that's not very common in Australia. It's very rare for little dogs to be up for adoption.
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My 2 boys are from the same litter and are totally bonded to each other. They get upset to be separated to get groomed or shots. They turned 1 May 8, 2020. It's great that they have each other for companionship. They also have each other to make tons of mischief. So, be prepared for some craziness if you decide to get another one.
What a beautiful little guy! I would say follow your heart. I like having 2 puppies because they play and they tire each other out and I get to enjoy the sleepy cuddles. I also like training with 2 puppies they learn from the other so if one is consistent on the pee pee pads the other tends to follow. But then again I am a crazy dog lady so I am bias :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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