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another dog food question

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i'm having a hard time feeding my chi with dry food...have any one of you tried the natural balance dog food in roll my chi likes it but i don't know if it's as good as dry food...pls help...any ideas,,tnx..
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I'm in the UK & don't know that food , How about you list the ingredients on here ??
I saw that at Petsmart yesterday... but that's all i know of it..
my dogs LOVE those natural balance rolls. i really like the natural balance brand :D
ITS excellent my dogs eat it!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Cant say enough good about it! :wave:
I'm glad it's so good :) I think with what everyone says it must be a good food :D I'd still love someone to list it's ingredients ( i'm just interested :) )

Sara xx
Oh My Goodness!! My three go crazy for those rolls!! I only use it for treats and when Chloe goes through on of her picky stages. I buy the "lamb". You need to keep it refrigerated.
I think the ingredients are listed on the website-- Natural

Fizzys Mom----The ingredients are listed on the website.

hope this works....
Ive never heard of it I also dont shop for food at the petstore.I love my chi but its too expensive I buy purina one from walmart
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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