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Another floppy ear question

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I'm new here...I have 3 chi's, all of them with extraordinary ears! Huge, giant bat ears!
I'm worried about my baby, Bishop...I went away for a couple of days and when I returned, his ears were totally floppy. I don't know what happened! I really want Bishops ears back to normal!!! Is it true that little one's ears are all over the place when they are young (Bishy is 4 month old)?? Is there anything I can do?
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at 4 months they tend to start teething and this can cause there ears to go back down - do a search for ears on the site for more helpful info :)
The ears will go up and down during the first 6 months---stress and teething can cause this to happen. If a Chi's ears are not up by 6 months of age, they probably won't ever stand up. Tucker's ears went up and down like a roller coaster till he was 5 or 6 months old, but they are up---and have been---for quite a while. (He's 10 months old).
My Sp's is over a year old and he has one ear up and one that tilts down at the half way mark. Is this bad? Is there something wrong with him? It has been this way ever since we first saw him.
Dazey is four months old and neither of her ears have ever stood up. I don't think they are going to but I love her just the same. She looks cute with the tips turned down.
Sera's one ear is up and the other one is a tiny bit floppy, i find it cute! but im sure they will go up and down when she starts teething and what not, like the others said.
Lola's ears are both floppy, but she can stand them up when she wants too. I think they are cute, so I don't mind that they aren't up all of the time.

Her ears are massive, so maybe she just gets tired of holding up all that weight :wink: (*Just kidding*)
Dobbie's ears

Dobbie's ears don't stand erect unless he is very interested in something. Most of the time, they are at "half mast" but they are capable of standing upright. He'll look at me when he wants something and those ears are standing straight up. He looks like he's going to fly away any minute!
Chicos ears were down when I got him at 8wks of age. He is now 5 months old and they are both up all the time. He has been teething so maybe that is why they were not up. One day one was up the next they were both down, a couple of weeks ago he woke up with both up and they have stayed up. What is the mystery of the chi ears :?: Up or down they are the cutest, but I have to admit that is one of my favorite attributes of the breed (big ears).
My pups name is Chico, too!

This is my first Chi but I raised Dobermans and MinPins for years. After the trim surgery, (which I came to hate) and the ears beings wrapped for weeks then standing perfectly, when the pups would start teething, the ears always flopped. Something about the calcium needed for the new teeth. Anyway, after they were through teething, the ears always popped back up. For weak and/or thinner ears, it always helped to gently stretch the ears whenever we held them as they slept. It seemed to help prevent any creases setting in at the fold.
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