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Another idiot who can't be bothered

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There is a girl down my road who has a chi mix. He is a little boy and he is 1 and a half. Walking the girls tonight she came over and asked how I coap with the girls barking. She brought him so she could dress him up but he doesn't like it and rips all the stuff she has brought him. She also lives in a flat and she said she can't train him. She said that she wants him gone. Basically because he don't fit her perfect thoughts of what it would be like. I said I would have him but because he hasn't been done it worries me. There is also a little old ladie who loves my girls but could never afford one as she Is on her own I will give the old ladie the girls number as sue the old lady will love him.
Some people really make me angry
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Its great to hear good news! I have seen that awful heart wrenching ASPCA (if that's wrong forgive me) commercial I swear a dozen times today sometimes its just too much! This story is a good reminder that happy endings happen every day too.
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