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Another new one :-)

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Hi everyone! Im so happy i found this site, its so helpful and i cant get enough of the chihuahua pics :) I'll be posting pictures of my babies shortly. Oh BTW, im 18 i live in Florida and my name is Katie :wave:
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welcome :wave:

very adorable babies you got there!
Hi kate

Tyson and Chloe are the cutest are they littermates ? :wave:
Thanks everyone :D No theyre not litter mates but i did get them from the same puppy store (which i wont do again because they both had horrible kennel cough). Tyson is almost a year and half and Chloe is 17 weeks i got her for valentines day from my boyfriend (who also bought me tyson). He knows good presents! I had been talking about getting another chi for Ty because i was going to start working and didnt want to leave him alone. They get along really well. Im debating on whether or not to breed chloe. Tyson is neutered but my boyfriend recently got a male chi for his IG to have some company :) I need to do a lot more reading before i decide but i figure i have a couple years before shes ready anyway.
Welcome - your babies are adorable.
- Lynn

P.S. - I also live in Florida. Haven't we had some beautiful weather :?: I love it!!
Hi Katie! Welcome, you have 2 very pretty babies!! :D :wave:
there is a breeding section here to learn more about it, but the girl must be bigger!
welcome :D
Hello & welcome Your babies are adorable :wave:
Welcome to you :wave: Tyson :wave: and Chloe :wave: Beautiful babies!! :)
they are both so's colouring is so it blue and tan?

kisses nat
:wave: :wave: Welcome to the board :wave: :wave:
thanks everyone all of your chis are gorgeous too (like u needed me to tell u that! haha) chloe is considered tan and chocolate... shes gotten a lot darker as shes gotten older. ill put some more recent pics up later but im on my way to work right now. i tried to get into the breeding threads but it wouldnt let me. how do i do that?
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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