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another potty traing ?

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Okay so latley Sammy has been going #2 on his papers by himself all the time, but peeing is a different story he refuses to pee on the papers sometmes he'll pee right next to them is this normal ? Another thing is that usaully in the morning he will pee on the papers but not during the rest of the day :roll:
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Try putting papers in another location for #1 and #2. They don't like doing both in the same location, most times.
And if the papaer has already been messed they sometimes wont go till a clean one is down
I hear you! Poppy always goes to pee first thing in the mornng on her pad, but the rest of the time she goes wherever she decides is a good spot (rugs, beds or right under the computer table :roll: ) She always poops on the bathroom floor, which is ceramic.It drives me mad but as it is easy to wipe up (i.e not on a carpet) we have kinda let her do it :roll:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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