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haha dexter is such a sweetie, i keep Perry in the same place that way he cant get up to much mischief.
lol aw poor perry cant wander :p well he's always getting into mischief or just plain ol in the livingroom all the time
Awwwww I want Dexter! He looks so cute!
He manages to make any awkward position look comfortable :D
LOL :D i know! looks like he's smiling too hehehe
Looks like he's in the sunshine warm and cosy,next to his mum! Ahhhhhhhhh
LOL i guess that's how bright my monitor is hehehe :p he's ALWAYS blocking my way though when he wants my attention, sometimes he'll sit on top of the mouse
reminds me of a kitty :)
LOL :D he reminds me of a kitty constantly from the things he does. always licking his paws lol

thanks everyone for the replies!! :D
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