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So, I’m currently waiting to go pick out my puppy in a couple of weeks when they’re ready.

The mom is a chihuahua weighing five pounds, and the dad is a papillon weighing seven pounds. (oops litter)

The puppies were a pound at two weeks! That just seems huge.

I’m not someone looking for a tiny dog to show off in a purse, I just need a small dog due to medical reasons. Under 8 pounds to hike and do agility with.

I know I’m probably just overthinking it, but I’m concerned. Is this a fairly normal size for two week old puppies? I see 9 week old puppies for sale that are just over a pound with parents the same size as my pup’s so I’m worried.

My parent’s pug was 3 pounds at nine weeks and matured to 20 so I feel like my boy is really big for the adult size I’m hoping for.
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