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I hope it is allowed to post this question...
I am looking for a nice stud dog to buy frozen from ;)

I found a nice looking male at Thailand, but there is a problem with the check for patella luxation and so I am not 100% sure if this is the right thing.

Are there any breeders out here, wiht a nice stud dog I could get frozen semen from? :D

My girl:
colour: chocolate tricolour
weight: 2,4 kg
bite: 6/6 level
patella luxation free
hips and elbows checked as well as heart- lung and eyes ;)
it will be her second litter (you can find her first litter at this forum ;) A-litter of the little pixies)
her next heat should be at the beginning of December.
Land of standig: Germany

I am looking for healthy, friendly, openminded and active male.
6/6 scissors bite ('cause of my girls' level bite)
good bone structure and well angulated hind quarters (hope that's the right expression).
no inbreeding!
closed molera
moderatly short nose...i don't like Chihuahuas with a pug nose ;)
type similar to my girl
coat: smooth or long coat, if long coat, please not to heavy fur
colour: prefered chocolate or chocolate carrier, but at the end, colour is the last important thing to me, so all colours are welcome :D
weight: around 2,5 and 2,8kg
patella luxation checked 0/0 (with vet certificate)
Land of standing: not important

My breeders club is part of the UCI ...

I hope anybody can help me..

Here is a picture of my little prinzess ;)

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