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Any danger with dog harnesses? Please advise :)

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Hi i thought id just mention this. Its probably silly but someone who has a Chi locally to me has said she never uses a harness with her dog because it can damage there shoulders in some way, as there so delicate! Ive never heard of this before, and have already bought a tiny harness for when i get my puppy. Wot do you think? :)
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:wink: Does she have a show dog? If she does that is probably why she said that...years of harness use had been known to realigned a bit Chihuahua's shoulders but is nothing to worry about unless you have a show dog. :wink: Harness is the best way to go if you ask me, collars damage their throats and that is far more dangerous that not qualifying at the show ring. :wink:
Exactly what Vala said... harnesses take the strain off the neck and trachea of our dogs. Think of a seatbelt, why don't they put it around your neck instead of across your shoulders, waist, and back? It distributes the security across a larger spatial area = less injury. If there is a situation where you need to pull your dog back quickly (like oncomoing car, or attackin dog) you would want that harness to yank on and not a a collar around the neck.
Vala hi...yes she does have a show dog and it was a problem with the shoulders that she in fact mentioned. Thanx for clearing this up for me! :)
Thanx for that Sadies mom :)
Seren said:
Vala hi...yes she does have a show dog and it was a problem with the shoulders that she in fact mentioned. Thanx for clearing this up for me! :)
:wink: lol, yeah it makes sense if she has a show dog, any shoulder realignment, (tho not a problem for pet quality chis and is not life threatening nor can be pass down from generation to generation) is a desqualifier, so it makes sense she wouldn't like For everybody else, like I said, the harness is the best way to go. :wink:
Thanx hun :) .. ive bought a lovely little pink harness with little wings on it from ebay...soooooo cute! :D
Seren said:
Thanx hun :) .. ive bought a lovely little pink harness with little wings on it from ebay...soooooo cute! :D
:D Aaw, that sounds cute, post pics as soon as you have it! :D
Seren said:
Thanx hun :) .. ive bought a lovely little pink harness with little wings on it from ebay...soooooo cute! :D
i bought that too :wink: and the blue one too for cosmo :D

kisses nat
I have read and heard on the animal planet channel that the show people put the collars on the dogs clear up to the top of the neck right under the chin.. I am wondering if this is better on the neck then down where the collar normally sits...

I myself have a collar on Gadget just for cuteness.. It matches his harness and it has a little brass barrel on it...

I only use his harness for walking and clipping him into his car seat... I would never use a collar for walking...
I bought two of them. One for my friends Chi. She was thrilled with it. Especially as she doesnt get to go online and see all the wonderful things for sale for our babies these days! :)
Frasier loves his harness. He sleeps in it in fact.

When I got him he was too little to risk letting him run free during the night. Now, he's just too bratty to risk that. :lol:

Anyways because of that he slept in his harness attached to his leash right beside me at night. Now, he's big enough that I can just close the bedroom door without worrying, but he won't go to sleep without his harness. He learned to associate it with bedtime. :)
Fraiser is funny.....

Gadget loves his harness... Infact he will get really mad if you try to take it off of him when he doesn't want it off... same goes for his collar and his clothes...
Awwww cute! So did he sleep in the bed with you from when you first had him? Andi if so...any accidents? My little one is in a puppy playpen at the breeders and im getting her one for here to put her when i need to know where she is etc.Also to put her bed and toys in. Id love her to share my bed but am worried about her falling or accidents. :?
Gadget has slept with me most of his life(well, since he was 3 weeks old) he has his own bed right by mine. He sleeps in it some times and in mine.. what ever he wants to do.. I have not had any trouble with him... He is now finding the foot of the bed comfy and sleeps on our feet... I really don't know how he stays warm done there with no blankets...
Do you put a pee pee pad down on the floor for him? Wow he was so young when you had him! Hes just such a little cutie pie! :D
It was very young for him to be away from his mom. There were 4 pups inhis litter nad the 3 males were big and the little girl was half their size.. they grew bigger and she didn't. my neighbor started taking the mom and the little girl away from the boys so that the girl could nurse on her own. but that didn't seem to work because my neighbor could only do this in the evenings because she works. We called the vet and he said to take the boys from the mom. Well I brought Gadget home and the new owners of the second boy took him home. The third boy and the little girl was going to the same people so my neighbor kept them together. after another 2 weeks the little girl had to be put to sleep because her brain was growing to fast and it was causing problems with her health.

I actually made him a little pen out of those cubicle shelf things and it stair steps from the floor where his potty pad is up to where his food and water is and then up to his bed and then up to my bed. When I first brought him home I made a bed out of a cardboard box lined with a potty pad. He didn't like the feel of the pad so I put newspaper over it.. He would use half for sleeping and half for pottying. As he grew I put his bed in a laundry basket and thenafter he got big enough to touch the top of the basket while standing on his hind legs I made his pen... At first his pen was just his potty pad, food water, and bed. then he got alittle bigger nad I made him steps to get up on the bed and then I made his pen with the steps... Now he goes to his bed anytime he wants to.

He also has his potty pad in the bathrom and 1 in the livingroom.. believe it or not he uses all three of them... he poos n the one in the bathroom and he pees on the ones in the bed room and livingroom.
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Wow what an amazing story! Hes such a lucky boy to have you! The sleeping areas/steps sound excellent! Do you have any pictures of them as im interested to see what they look like. :)
I have a little black one, im just a plain jane lol! but i'm going to go back for the army combat print one for deano. I bought him a squeaky toy today and he absolutely loves it. I get £2 dinner money a day so i save up a £1 everyday and buy him a toy on the way home from school! And i just got him a little blanket that is the same colour as his coat with little black paw prints on it!
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