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Any Southern Calif, meets ?

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I was Just wondering if there is any meet up's in the Southern Ca, area ?
I would love to meet with other Chi lovers from here ?
Beth, Smidgen & Chassis
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I'm in southern CA and would love to do a meet-up...and I'm sure Charlie and Piper would like it too :D
oops...that was me...I forgot to login :lol:
I wish I could do a Chihuahua meetup but I'm afraid Britney would be too mean...she beats up on my aunt and uncle's male chi, Chewie :lol:
Lets do a meetup in SoCal... Im in Huntington Beach in OC... Bella and I would love to meet all you and ur pups :D
Yes there are meetups I occasionally post them but thought no one did them here is the link.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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