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Hi there! I think the best way to begin socializing is doing a one-on-one session with another dog, similar size, opposite sex (depends on how your dog does with same sex dogs, my dogs prefer opposite sex). You should keep them leashed initially, have a spray bottle in hand. Observe them carefully for signs of agression, reward your dog for approaching the other dog respectfully. When your dog is able to approach dogs and socialize on a one-on-one situation, start introducing more dogs of varied sizes, let them practice their approaches and teach them well.

I always go to the dog park and amazed at how well other dogs play. For some dogs, socializing comes naturally, for others it takes time and hardwork, but your doggy will thank you when they can play all day long with others!

Also see this sticky'd thread:
For some great times on introducing dogs.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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