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Anyone have any Chi meetups in Michigan????

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Does anyone ever have any Chihuahua meetups in Michigan??? I live about an hour away from Muskegun and an hour and a half or so from Grand Rapids, Let me know please. Thanks
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I'll be in East Lansing in a few months =) It's quite a ways from Grand Rapids though still...
ya that is a ways away, i don't know, maybe i could talk my husband into it. :lol:
I am located in Michigan. A chihuahua meetup sounds like it would be fun!
Where are you located in Michigan? I am in Hesperia which is about an hour from Muskegon and almost 2 hours from Grand Rapids. I think it would be fun too.
i'm in ann might be quite a trek but i'd be up for it.
I live in Toledo, OH, not far from the Michigan border! Anyone live close? Ann Arbor is not far at all, as a matter of fact, Sincy just received her Michigan Wolverines jersey in the mail today!

Go Blue!

i would love to have a meetup but have no idea where to start to arrange it. any ideas of a date/place or anything else???
wow. You guys are all so close to Grand Rapids!

But this post is from April... do any of you still post on this board?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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