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Anyone in Orange County, Southern California??

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I already have a vet who is great, but I'm wondering if anyone is in So. Cal who has a good vet or knows of a place to do a search for a good vet. My vet is just a general one (he's great and all), but I'm looking for one who specializes in small breeds. It's nearing the time when my baby needs to be spayed, and yes, I am worried. Thanks.
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Hi and Welcome :hello2:

Glad you found us.

I'm not in California, but you could ask your vet if he has any experience spaying chis or other small animals, like ferrets or rabbits.
If he says no, ask him to recommend someone or look in the phone book and call around. :dontknow:
Hi there, I am not from Cali, but I have family in Norwalk, is that close by?? I can ask who they use and see what they can tell me about them. Welcome though!!! :D
Hi and welcome!! :wave: I'm in Los Angeles and know of a good vet up here. You willing to drive? It's only an hour.
Hi and welcome :wave:
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