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Anyone need a fleece pj for your puppy?? update:PICTURES!!

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I ordered a fleece PJ for Dixie, but it's too small and I don't feel like returning it. I had forgotten how big Dixie has gotten over the past few weeks. :oops: It's cute!! I'll post pics if anyone is interested. I got it from

Measurements are as follows(from the website)-

Neck-4-7 inches
Length-Says 8 but I'd give her room for her legs, so my guess is 6-7 inches
Chest- 6-9 inches

I'll post pics as soon as I steal the camera from my brother!
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That is very pretty and so small. :)
Yes I know.. Silly me... Always thinkin Dixie can't get any bigger than how she is now.. :oops:

I do have a sweater as well. Dixie never wore it. My momma thought that it would fit her a month ago, but she was a little bigger than what she had thought. It's a XXSmall pink velour hoodie. Comes in original package

Body Length- 4-5 inches
Neck- 4 inches
Chest-6 inches

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very cute stiff! too bad the weather is warming up here and by the time chiwi could wear it she probably will have outgrown it :(
Those are adorable! They look to small for Lina too though.
OMG if you still have those I will take them for Ginger. She is super tiny and I find it very hard to find stuff that will fit her but her neck is 4" so I bet those would fit her!

PM me if you still have them :D :D
Clothes are officially gone!! Angel5218 will be recieving both!! :wink:
lucky angel :D those clothes are gorgeous !!!! :D :D

kisses nat

ps; we want to see pics eh :wink:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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