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Anyone with epupz acount?

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Hey is their anyone witrh an epupz acount? As theres a boy on their who looks super cute!!! hes ready on the 10th august which is my birthday lol But he 900! Well I no thats a mojor amount of money, but Id like to email the breeder anyway and ask about him, maybe make an offer? xxxxxx thnaks xxx
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I shall find out and Pm you Stef :wave:
Awww Stef, I saw him earlier this morning, he looks really like the twin sister and brother of Lexi. Even down to the black round the eyes!
Are you thinking about him?
Well the breeder does not want anything but 900 for him! And the parents wernt what Im looking for especially if i was going to pay that much! So hes a no! :( xxxxxxxxx
Have you got the Lexi's breeders contact details? email? xxxxxxxx
Thanks Iona
I aint got a pm yet?
awww hope you get ya pup soon havent seen him on e pupz yet
Me too
I think Ill come to the decision soon
a chi is just not for me :(
Clares been a real big help latley though shes let me share the epupz acount with her so that'll be a MAJOR help! Thanks Clare! xxx
have you evr thought about another colour i see two long hair black and tan boys for sale earlier what about getting one and giving him a hair cut ha lol only joking
omggg thats the funniest thing ever! surely thats cruelty?????
Give him a haircut! ow my god his pride! Has it been done before?? :twisted:

Thanks Iona
Where abouts are they located!???

Awww all my family are from birmingham, Im up there all the time!! xxx So that would be handy! xxx
nonababe said:
Birmingham, so not far from you.
Could u send me some concat stuff aswell hun? :D
nonababe said:
You got the email addy ages ago, you should still have it?

I haven't i wiped everything off email :roll: :(
but you already contacted them - put pics of the puppies up on here and the one you wanted and then never had it in the end :?
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