One of the world’s smallest breeds of dog, Chihuahuas are popular as pets around the world. Cute, energetic, and with a unique character, these tiny dogs can have so many unique personality traits. That makes them quite versatile as pets – every owner can find something particular in Chihuahuas that they will adore. If you are a fan of small dogs and strong characters, a Chihuahua might be the lifelong friend you are looking for. But it is always good to learn more about the breed first and to see if Chihuahuas make a good fit for your family.

Before the early 20th century, these little doggos were quite a rarity in the world. They were first registered with the American Kennel Club in 1904, and have since become a popular pet breed. They get their name from the Mexican state of Chihuahua, from where they originate. The first European settlers into the region mention these dogs as early as 1520, when it is mentioned that the native Aztecs bred them and used them as food. Luckily, no one eats Chihuahuas nowadays!

Before you get a Chihuahua as a pet, you need to know that they are amongst the smallest dog breeds in the world! On average, Chihuahuas will stand tall at about five inches. They can weigh as little as two pounds (~900 grams), and will rarely grow beyond the weight of six pounds (~2.7 kg). However, this means that they can be vulnerable to things that other, big dogs take for granted. Things like extreme temperatures can affect these tiny puppers more seriously than other breeds, particularly the cold.

There are two main “subtypes” of Chihuahuas. And the difference is in the shape of the head! The most common type is the “apple head”. These dogs have a unique, domed, and rounded skull, with the muzzle protruding at a 90-degree angle. The shape of the skull means that their eyes are round, large, and bulging, and their muzzles are short and pointed. The other type is the “deer head” Chihuahua. Here, the skull is more pointed and has a more natural shape.

If you are looking for a pet that will stay with you for a long time, Chihuahuas are a good choice. They are considered a long-lived dog breed, with an average life expectancy of 14 years. This – together with their personality – makes them great as companion dogs. It’s true that these dogs can be a bit willful, but once you create that bond, they will become loyal and affectionate.

Chihuahuas love attention! Make sure to shower them with love and toys, as they will need to be occupied. They’re quite the active and energetic puppers, so expect plenty of playtime throughout the day. Also, they are great around small children and make excellent family dogs. Just be careful of their size! They can be prone to barking and snapping at strangers, which is a way to protect their tiny stature. This means that Chihuahuas can be a bit temperamental and bratty – but rarely with their owners or with kids.

In general, Chihuahuas make great pets. You’ll certainly grow to love their goofy character and antics, as long as you keep up with their energy and their occasional snappy attitude.

Photo credit: Evgeniia Shikhaleeva/Shutterstock