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Is a chihuahua hard to take care of?

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I voted yes because as a first-time dog owner they can be quite the handful to care for....ONLY if you go into it without reading up on the are the pluses and negatives to owning a chi in my book

-very fragile
-high maiteness (need to eat a lot as puppies and you need to make sure they are eating)
-hard to socialize (well not hard as much as it is you need to do it while they are pretty young, otherwise it becomes near impossible when older)
-horrible prepared to brush your pups teeth at LEAST once a week...i cannot tell you how many chi's I see at work with health problems do to poor dental health.
-did i say fragile? They are super tiny and its very easy to hurt them/hurt themselves....i cannot tell you how many scares I have had with my three
-puppy proof, puppy proof, puppy proof....i cannot say that enough...they can get into a lot and can hurt themselves or get into other problems.

-totally loyal!
-totally cute :wink:
-easy to travel with
-dont need a lot of living space (i.e can live in a house or appartment with ease)
-little dog = little mess
-did I say they make awesome pets!!!!

Again, if you do all your research on the breed you will know if the breed is right for you. The way I look at it is that if you do your research and follow the advise of that and other chi owners then having a chi will be great for you!!!!!!! its great you have come to this site already to get info! You are on the right track!

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