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who has your chi bonded with

  • your chihuahua is quite a loner and hasnt really bonded with ne one

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Many texts that i have read describe chihuahuas as being "one man dogs" ie, they tend to bond closely with one person, this member survey is about wether this indeed true and to what extent.
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Ozzy loves all the family memebers except adams nan for some, he especially loves my mom and adams mom.

Lily due to been new mainly sticks to me and adam although she has started to warm to mine and adams family more so lately :wave:
All of my chis get along great with my husband and I. I'm not saying that they mind him like they do me, but they do love for him to pet and hold them. But I am the care giver, so I am the most important. They do not tolerate outsiders the same. They tend to bark at them, one or two of them will make up with another family member, but not all of them...
Yoshi gets along well with all the members in our household. He will sometimes growl at my youngest son, though. I am the caregiver too and of course, I am #1 to him but everyone else is loved and enjoyed too. I'm also the disciplinarian and trainer to our dogs, so I guess they see me a bit differently. Our pit mix still follows my boyfriend around like he's boss or something even though I do all the care and training! :evil: He listens to me and does what I say more,though. So I guess he does see a difference in what he can get away with or not depending on who's watching :wink:
Barbie is very loving towards all the family and neighbors. She likes to kiss and be held by them BUT for a short period of time. If she can walk over to me after about five minutes she will, otherwise she will try and jump out of the persons hands holding her to me. I also see that the older she gets (she is now 6 and half months) the more that she becomes attached to me. She likes to sit on my lap and watch my son or whatever is going on. If they pick her up and play with her, she will come right back to me. I admit that I am glad because I love her so much and she is my baby. :lol:
Mikey is mostly attached to me. My 7 yr old will lay down on the floor and try to get him to go by him but if i'm near he'll stay next to me. But my 2 cats are hooked on Josh (my son) they stay in his room all day laying on his bed, so he's happy.
I had heard so much about chi's being one person dogs but my Auggie seems equally devoted to me and my husband. He does however in his mind have different rolls for us. I am more when he is in a lovey mood or sleepy or mild play. When he is in serious play mode he wants daddy to play. He has what we call his run-run game and he will only do it with him. He whines more for me but goes equally bonkers if one of us is gone and then comes home. :D
My chi's love my entire family. I guess they do tend to favor me but they are happy to sit and play with anyone in my family...sometimes they dont even come by me :( and hang out with my sister or mother.
Tucker LOVES people! But he is especially attached to me and my hubby, though slightly more attached to me. (I don't mind one bit)! :p Adopting Tucker was my idea, but hubby soon warmed up to him, and now is truly bonded with our little boy. However, when in a group of people at our home, and he's done visiting with everyone, Tucker comes to me to pick him up. :)
Poquito loves me more than anyone else and always chooses me when i walk in a room to the extent he will jump from anyones lap and run straight for me, but he is friendly and curious with other humans and animals alike. I got him at 6 weeks old. Diego his brother we were given when he was 9 months and noone purchased him. He is a serious one person dog. Sometimes not even that if I dare to stick my head in his royal highnesses doggie hut late at night when he is sleepy!! He growls snaps and his hackles go up whenever anyone dares approach me. He will bite if you push him when he has warned you. (i know this because my 15 year old cant stand the thought that a dog isnt in love with him!) We are very aware and take precautions when necessary if company over. We tried all kinds of socializing and training, retraining ad nauseum! We are now resigned that I have my own little mini me that follows me from room to room no matter how short a time i am leaving for, sits at my feet when I potty and is the true defender of my person from all imagined harm! LOL, hes a cranky nasty little naughty man...and I LOVE HIM!!
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