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Are there any tests to see if your Chi can hear?

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I think my Chi can't hear. Are there any tests I can do myself to check or do I have to take her to the vet? Thanks.
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When Dior is sitting somewhere or sleeping, where she is not looking at me, I will take a few steps away and clap (a nice loud one) and usually she jumps up and looks at me, and her ears go straight up. Try that.
yeah just been in another room and calling them or rustling a packet I only have to whisper my twos name or rustle their chew packet and there there in a shot

welcome by the way why dont you swing by the newbie section and introduce your selves :wave:
I agree with PrissyDior. Stand behind her and clap your hands really loud. Make sure she can't see you. If she responds then she's ok. If she doesn't then you know she might not be able to hear. But take her to the Vet to make sure. Keep us posted.

By the Way Welcome to our group! Give us details about your baby.
I tried everything and finally took her to the vet. and he told me she could not hear, But the vet told me that she could improve if any in 15 days, so I have to wait 15 days until they give me the final answer. :(
Oh gosh I hope it does improve. I know of a lot of people who have had deaf dogs but have never had one myself. Good luck
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