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I have searched and searched in the "Search" link for everything that was talked about in regards to cheap puppy pads on-line. I had remembered that someone put a website link in their post to a GREAT deal on puppy pads! I bought boxes of them! I can't find it anywhere... The link below is the cheapest place I could find for pads. Can anyone find some place cheaper on-line? I would do anything to find that old post.

Thanks for any responces :wave:
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we bought a bag when we first got cujo (Feb 5th) and we're still using the same bag and we got them at either family dollar or Dollar store i think for like 2 dollars
$20 for 100 pads is very cheap, however I have to warn you, we bought these pads from Petsmart online, and they are VERY cheap (very thin, and don't absorb well, spill over sometimes.

We use Kendall human incontinence bed pads that I get at the hospital. They are higher quality than any other "pee pad" on the market and if you buy in bulk, are about 0.30 cents each. They are also HUGE (about 25x35 inches) so they last a few days and are super absorbent, the pee does NOT run, and dries quickly.

Here's a few links to buy them, some places are cheaper than others.
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Forgive me if I am wrong, but you can only order from PetEdge if you are a retailer. PetEdge is a distributor for wholesales. At least this is what I heard, since we get the catalog at the hospital, and the only we can get product from them (they are DIRT cheap) is if we order it through the hospital.

EDIT: Just registered with the website under "personal use only" and it looks like you can order online! AWESOME.
I was the 32 for $5.99 at Wal-Mart poster.
Someone thought the cheapies were no good - said they rolled up or something. But, these don't.

They're regular size and just as good as the high dollar ones I started with. I don't want the big ones because I change them as soon as he pees.
i love petedge and i always push the site lol..... i got chiwi's crate there (lotta good it did me she don't use it lmao!)
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