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I came across an article from

Dr. Lisa Newman is a holistic vet who talks about how some commercial pet food is bad for your pets and what you can do to take charge.

Also, our animals are over vaccinated and the flea and tick preventions the pharmaceuticals sell you are crap and harm your dog as well over it's lifetime.

There are natural remedies to fight fleas and ticks.
A lot of interesting things are discussed here.

Read here:

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Only my thoughts an I haven't checked this link out yet.

I've thought for years that we over vaccinate....or are encouraged to do so. I also think there is too much "pressure" from vets and advertising to spray, drop, inject, heaven knows what onto and into our animals to control parasites...that they might not even have.

I understand we all live in diffferent situations and some owners DO need to vaccinate by law, or really must use flea/lice control etc.

I go for natural remedies and care whenever I can :)
But each owner must do what they think is best.

Barbara x
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