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Let me start out by saying I am a first time CHI owner and I'm not sure if any of this is NORMAL chi behavior so PLEASE tell me that i'm over reacting if its nothing and just a puppy stage; something she'll grow out of.

~ Alright, Maybe Gypsy does have seperation anxiety. I'm not sure though. Here is her deal. if I am not in the room with her, she freaks out. litteraly screaming as much as a puppy is able to scream. @ 8 weeks; and only having her home 5 days she already knows who we all are. I leave her home everyday with my mom and my mom reports back to me on how she does. She just does not want to be anywhere alone, she screams when she can't see my mom if i'm not there but when I get home she goes right back to normal and plays and jumps and ignores us (to an extent) and just does her own thing. why does she get so worked up about me leaving? and being gone?

- What would help cure her `obsessiveness`. She whines and cries when we get up in the morning and I start getting ready to go, and then for an hour plus+ while i'm gone, as well as feeling the need to STAY in my moms lap the WHOLE time I'm gone.

~ Secondly, she gets kind of agressive when we play. Especially when we play with our hands. she tries and often time succeds when getting at our hands, she mainly grabs at the skin inbetween your thumb and pointer and jerks at it and shakes her head roughly. i move my hand away, and say no, but it doesn't seem very effective. she just goes right back for them, and let me say she is not kind about it. :x

- I guess I don't know how to say NO right. I say it loud and firmly, but she just seems to not care(she is only 8 weeks not sure if this plays a part)I try to give her toys and often times shes interested but some times she just wants to jump on us or play with us.

She is really the sweetest thing ever, and is potty training VERY well for 8 weeks. but ANY chi advice ~do's and dont's would be GREATLY apreciated.

you guys are GREAT and i really look up to you all and your chihuahua knowlege, thanks for everything

-Sarah. :D
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