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Hello everyone:wave:
We are a family of 5 living in beautiful Australia.
Our 2 legged children are aged 25, 17 and 15 (2 boys & 1 girl).

We all share a passion for Showing & breeding American Miniature Horses. It's very much a family affair that see's us travelling around together to shows.
At the moment we have 15 horses here and with us being in the middle of the foaling season there are 3 brand new babies on the ground with 1 more to come...which I'm sure will be tonight :p

Along with the horses, our other 4 legged children are 4 dogs:
2yo "Laila" long Hair Chihuahua
9yo "Maisy" Mini Fox Terrier
8yo "Bindi" Terrier cross
9 months "Missy" Golden Labrador

4 Cats:
11yo "Aliah" Grey Long Hair
6yo "Miranda" Torti Point part bred Ragdoll
3yo "Montah Mohan Benjamin" Ginger domestic (HUGE boy)
2yo "Jaffa" Grey/White domestic...She was a feral kitten found on the side of the road near our farm. She's a bit of a handful but we love her.

1 Cockatiel and 2 budgies
6 goldfish

After 2 years of research and a long search for an experienced Mentor we have ventured into the world of dog showing & breeding Chihuahua's.
We have recently whelped our very 1st Litter of lovely healthy Chi babies. They are now 11 days old and Laila and bubs are all doing well.

I look foward to getting to know you and your fur babies.


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Hey Karen! :hello1: Welcome to the forum! :p
What a BIG family you have!
You must share some pictures!
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