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I'm from Alice Springs in the Red Centre of Australia.

My husband and I are owned by a Chi, a Mini Foxie and a part-kelpie. We all live together in a very dog friendly house. The dogs enjoy luxury accommodation (we just make do), home cooked meals and yearly summer holidays to the beach as well other outings. They are all rescue dogs with sad stories to tell about their previous owners.

We are all RSPCA volunteers and I financially support rescue groups around Australian who liberate dogs from Kill pounds.

Sharon :wave:
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Welcome, Sharon!! Be sure to post some pics!! :wave:
hi sharon - thanks for all your hard work :wave:
Hi and welcome, Sharon! :wave: Can't wait to see picks of your chi's.

I'd also love to read their stories, as well as find out more about your rescue work in general. Maybe you will register your dogs on and fill us in on the details of their adoptions. I just love that kind of stuff. :)
I just clicked on your link in the rescue forum and read as much as I was able to handle. Poor, sweet Elvis. I don't know how human beings can mistreat animals so badly and still live with themselves. God bless you for the love to bring to these dogs' lives.
:wave: :wave: Welcome Sharon.
Hello & welcome That is great that you do rescue work :wave:
Thanks to everyone for such a warm welcome.

I'll try and get some photos up of my little boy in the next couple of days.

Cheers :)
Hiya :wave:
I live down in Sydney of Australia. RSPCA must be fun to work?
Hi and welcome from me and deano! i love how people adopt rescue Chi! My sister as soon as she is 21 has applied for a job at the RSPCA. I love the compassion for the animals you people have! I think you deserve a big :thumbright: hope you enjoy the forum! :D
If anyone is interested in what we are doing in Central Australia, here is the Residents page from the local RSPCA website:

For those Down Under people who said, 'Hi". Thanks.
Sydney people - there are many No Kill rescue groups in your area. I'm away for a few days, but will post them when I return. Otherwise find the Operation Toby website that links to most of these groups. Happy ANZAC day - Lest We Forget.

Sharon :)
Welcome!! You do such wonderful work...thank you for helping lil angels in need! Looking forward to seeing pics of your baby! :wave:
Hi Sharon

Hi Sharon, you sound like people after my own heart. Love what you do, send pics. Two of our dogs are from the shelter as well. This sounds like a great place to be. :D

chilover and Taco's mom
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