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Ok, she's a maltese and not a chihuahua. But I just love this litle girl to pieces!!!

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Little Miss Ava is 3 1/2 lbs - and Mona Lisa is 2.9 lbs. Ava is a little teddy bear and Mona Lisa is all legs, LOL.

Ava has her own FB pagenn (found under Ava) and she and Mona Lisa try to give people a smile every day. (well most every day anyway :rolleyes:)

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She's a fashionista for sure! She is also gorgeous! When I was 16, I got a male Maltese named Louis. I ended up having to return him to the breeder after he spent the first 5 days I had him at the vet. He was diagnosed with a congenital condition. So sad, they are gorgeous, beautiful dogs!

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Aww Pat, I adore little Ava, and I love that you love her so much.
She's precious. I really like the animal print too, it's my favorite.

Please keep sharing pictures of your dogs with us, they are all lovely.
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