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chihuahualover2249 said:
Hello, would it be too much to ask if the avatar file size limits and pixel limits were increased?....As it is rather impossible to create any avatars digitally that meet the current requirements. Right now it is set to 100x100 as I have Photoshop open right now I see 195x195 as a great Avatar pixel limit. Not huge but not small to the point u can't see it or do anything Digital with it. The actual image file size limits should also be changed if it's not a problem. Maybe change the file size limit to around 200kb this way there are no problems, as many people will never have an actual avatar to be that size, it's merely a "just in case" people will know they can upload their Avatar even if it IS say 100kb in file size.
Thanks and please write back.
Sorry these limits aren't me trying to be funny, they are in place for a reason.

The old rule of thumb when dealing with dialup connections was that the total weight of the page should not exceed 30-40k, today many sites routinely top 100k.
There are currently two limits, one on avatars and the other on file attachments:

avatars - 10k 100x100
file attachments - 70k

So bearing in mind that a good page size is supposed to be around 50k, we are already exceeding this by allowing more than one file attachment per post, but this is one of the most popular features of the site! :)

Avatars are not there to distract from the forum, they are supposed to be small and out of the way. Take this example

200kb x 10 posts in a thread x 100 page views = 2000 meg or 2gig! of bandwidth. This would single-handedly go a long way to using a large proportion of the bandwidth up, so unfortunately this is not an option. Avatars would get cached etc but even so this is still OTT.

A 200x200 image would also take up a lot of space on every post, people already use up space in the signature and this would get very messy, the main forum logo is only just over 300 pixels wide:

The limits in place are being pro-active against our limits and quotas, the site has already outgrown its hosting and we need to keep the associated spiralling costs to a reasonable level, the only way we can do this is with quotas and limits unfortunately :)

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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