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Baby Girl Name Stress

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I've read through most posts, and I'm still having a really hard time finding a name for my new Chi girl. This is my first Chi, and I want a cute girly name. My girl is 6 months old, white with tan ears and a tan spot on her bum. She is 2.5 lbs, so very little. She is kinda quiet and mellow. The breeder names her Bubbles, but she doesn't react to the name at all, and I'm not really liking it.

Names I'm thinking of are
Freckles (she has a couple on her nose)

I love the name Pixie, but it doesn't seem to suit her that much. She looks like a Bambi, but I like Taffy better. I thought maybe Princess Sassy, but then I've called her Missy a couple of times.

I need help! I just can't decide. What does everyone else think?
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Hi and welcome! :wave: Bubbles doesn't do it for me either. :lol: I almost always prefer 2 syllable names that end with "y" or "ie" so, of the names you listed I like Sassy, Buffy or Missy (or Lily, for obvious reasons :lol: ). I also like Rosie, Daisy, Katie and Sophie (but I am also partial to people names for dogs). I'd go with Sassy if I had to pick a name from your list.

I know, I'm rambling. :D

Edited to say: The pic above just showed up on my screen. Now that I see her I sorta like Cookie. She is adorable!!!!!
Thanks for the input!!!
Yes, she is adorable, isn't she? I'm so in love with her.

I find it incredibly hard to find a name for her, but I was glad to read everyone else's posts on the topic too.
Well I'd have to choose Ella, its my favouritist name in world!
I like taffy and sassy...
how about mixing them too... :?: making TASSY!
stefanie_farrell said:
I like taffy and sassy...
how about mixing them too... :?: making TASSY!
Tassy is a great name!!!!
Hi and welcome. I like Ella.. she (to me) looks like an Ella.
I love Tassy. That's very cute.

Since last night I've been calling her Sassy to try it out. And it seems to work ok. Today I'll try on Tassy and see how that goes.
i like that! i also really like cookie for her! :lol:
thanks for your help everyone.

I think she picked her own name, she started responding to Sassy.
So her real name is now Sassy Diva, but I call her Sassy-tassy. She seems to like that.

thanks again :wave:
Bella; beautiful in italian
Cheri: dear (i think it is cute and girly)
Chiquita: means little girl and is also a brand of bannanas
Dolce: sweet
Halo: a unique name instead of angel
Keiko: japenese for adored one, also name of the whale in free willy
Pixie: fairy like creature, playful and mischeaveous
Sakura: cherry blossom, used in a perfume or as a name for a perfume by coco chanel
Bambi: from the disney movie
Daisy Mae: donald ducks girlfriend
Duchess: the mother from the aristocats
Meeko: the racoon from pochahantas
Piglet:from winnie the pooh
Winnie: from winnie the pooh
Tigger: from winnie the pooh
Bonnie: like bonnie and clyde
Ginger: from the spice girls
hope you like them
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