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Bella; beautiful in italian
Cheri: dear (i think it is cute and girly)
Chiquita: means little girl and is also a brand of bannanas
Dolce: sweet
Halo: a unique name instead of angel
Keiko: japenese for adored one, also name of the whale in free willy
Pixie: fairy like creature, playful and mischeaveous
Sakura: cherry blossom, used in a perfume or as a name for a perfume by coco chanel
Bambi: from the disney movie
Daisy Mae: donald ducks girlfriend
Duchess: the mother from the aristocats
Meeko: the racoon from pochahantas
Piglet:from winnie the pooh
Winnie: from winnie the pooh
Tigger: from winnie the pooh
Bonnie: like bonnie and clyde
Ginger: from the spice girls
hope you like them
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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