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Baby had blood in her peepee

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This morning I woke up to a bad scare...Baby had pee'd in the kitchen BABY NEVER HAS DONE THIS and there was ALOT of blood in her pee.I took her to the vet ASAP and she has a bladder infection. It scared me to death I took off school today and tomorrow to stay at home with her she is feeling bad... :( and I think mommy needs to do some babying... :(
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Poor Baby......Bella sends her a big hug !
What a scare indeed! My baby boy and I send love and hugs! Poor thing^.^
:wave: glad it wasnt any thing to seriouse and hope she gets better soon
you'd be surprised how many dogs would come into boarding and i'd see blood in the urine out in the runs where they would do their business. the runs wree concrete and off white color so that is how we could see it. most of the time owners ahve no way of knowing if the dog has a uti or even crystals or stones unless the know the other signs to look for besides blood in the urine.
the signs that i look for:
not all the time but sometimes there's fever and lethargy

licking the genitals
strong heavy odor in the urine
frequent urge to urinate and little to nothing comes out

poor baby i hope she feels better soon!
i hope baby gets better soon .....i would freak out when i saw blood in their pipi :shock:

kisses nat
I am glad she has you as a mommy :D Hope she feels better real soon! :)
awww Baby mommy will look after you :D
Oh, no! Friday does all of those things! There is no blood, but yesterday, when I walked into the apartment, the whole place smelled like urine and I couldn't understand why (it's a small apartment). I looked around to see if she pottied on the carpet or in the hallway, but she hadn't. And maybe when I thought she was "faking" potty-ing, she was really just feeling like she needed to go and very little came out!!!!!!! And I didn't notice excessive licking, but what do I know????

where is the emoticon for "FREAKING OUT"?????
Oh dear poor baby! Hope the infection clears up soon!
Is there anything I can do? Is this a "vet" situation? I don't want to be "one of those" mothers (like you guys can't tell already), but my poor little baby is sick and I didn't even know... :cry:
Poor baby I hope she fells better That would have scared me to death :shock:
hope it clears up soon and baby is back to her old self!
I called the vet and she sad to give Friday either diluted Gatorade or Pedialyte and some ice cubes.
Gadget and I send our hugs...

get well soon baby...
you are a wonderful mommy to stay home with her...
I think she is playing into me babying her...She just acts so sick...But I caught her off gaurd and she was playing.. :twisted: :lol:
Poor Baby. I'm sure the meds will have the infection cleared up in no time. I hope she's feeling better soon.
Its crazy how they can scare us I thought my Heart was in my stomick.. :cry:
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