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Baby was on the news!!!!

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Baby was on the 6:00 news tonight. Here you send in pictures of your pets or nature and they will show them after the weather broadcast. Baby's picture was showed today it was the picture I showed here of her laying in the flowers. I was so proud!!
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Yay Baby!! Congrats on being a celebrity :D :D
how fab shes a star :lol:
Wonderful. I thought that was a great picture and I'll bet it looked terrific on the news.
How nice! Way to go, Baby!! :D :D
awwwww, that's cute! Congrats!
Congrats.........such a pretty little girl, she deserves to be on TV !
Uh oh, first Baby is named April's Sensational Senior, then she is on the news... pretty soon the paparazzi will be swarming your house!! I sure hope she doesn't develop an attitude. :D :D
WTG Baby Can i get an autographed paw print?
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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