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Bad Knee

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Hello, you all are so nice. Sometimes it seem as though Roxy's knee goes out of joint and she looks all bowlegged. Is this something that will correct over time or do I need to have surgery on it? Is there something I can do to help make it stronger? Thanks So Much. Kay, Roxy's Mom
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Kay, read the sticky about Luxating Patellas. They are a very common thing for small breed dogs.

Basically, how it is treated it depends on how severe the problem is. They go from Grade 1-5 with 1 being something not to worry about, but it does get worse over time.

Ask your vet what your options are and what grade your chi's luxations are. More severe luxating patellas need to be surgically corrected either by trocheoplasty, or relocating the patellar tendon. However, many chi's live normal lives with Grade 1,2, and even 3 luxations.

Some people believe that giving glucosamine/chondroitin will help improve the condition by strengthening the cartilage around the joint, but ask for a veterinarian's opinion before giving any supplements or taking any action.

Hope this helps.
Kay, sorry I thought that one had been written, let me direct you to an online article.

If you have any questions about the technical parts, feel free to PM me.
good site

Thanks for the good site. I book marked it and will keep it as a reference. Thanks so much. Kay
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