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LuvMyChiwawas said:
I have no clue when Chico's birthday is. The breeder never gave me any paperwork and for all I know he lied about his age when he sold him to me. My guess if you go by the age he gave is October 2001 but I have no idea the day. Angelo's is August 18, 2005.

I was given 7/4/2000 as Lily's date of birth. Given that she was a rescue from a puppy mill, I doubt they kept very accurate records. However, I decided to keep that date because it means I'll always be with her on her birthday (4th of July). Plus, she thinks all the parades and fireworks are in her honor. :wink:

Happy Birthday to Trinny!!! :hello1: :blob: :blob7: :blob5: :eek:ccasion9: :eek:ccasion4:
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