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Bad scare (not health related)

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Poor Spacely just had a bad fright at the bus stop

For those not in the know, he has been with us about a month and we have no idea of his history. He lives with our 43 lb dog fine, they just ignore each other in the house but walk side by side easily when we go out walking, share the backyard and will sit side by side while I cook or load dishes.

We walk the kids to the bus stop and back each day, there are 2-4 other dogs of various sizes also at the bus stop. All the dogs at the bus stop are fairly well mannered (except one dachshund who is a barker and no one really likes) and after showing initial interest the first day he came with us, the other dogs don't pay him any attention. Spacely will approach other dogs but it has to be on his terms...meaning they don't move or even look at him. This means Tinsel is the only dog he approaches since she has already met him and has no interest in smelling him.

Today, as we waited, the door across the street banged open and a small black shape came flying out, a woman in hot pursuit. In just a second, before I could scoop him up, a toy poodle is whizzing circles around Spacely, darting her head forward to smell him, making noises and wagging. For me, it was clear that she just was overly excited puppy, wanted to say hi but is totally socialized.

Spacely, I am sure, saw a 300 lb black monster snapping at him, intent on severe bodily harm. He is trying to get away, I am trying to hold on to my second dog (who is pretty well ignoring the poodle other than trying to get out of the way so her leash doesn't tangle with Spacely's) while shooing the poodle away and picking up Spacely, making sure he realizes it is ME about to touch him since he is so freaky at that point, it would not have surprised me to have him nip.

I got the dog moved back, scooped him up and the owner got the poodle. Tinsel thought it was great fun but poor Spacely trembled in my arms and jumped about a foot in the air when I went to kiss him.

The owner apologized several times, assured me the dog was friendly but really, that was not my worry, my worry was Spacely was going to die of fright on the spot.

After the bus arrived, I carried him down about a house and then set him down to walk. His tail was up in the happy position but I did notice he was jumping at things that he normally ignores (leaves crunching, Tinsel whining at a squirrel, a kid yelling...that kind of thing)

It seriously has to be scary to be a Chihuahua in a non-Chihuahua sized world.
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Poor little Spacely! I'm sure he was terribly frightened. Is he doing okay now?

It is a delicate balance of how to treat a little dog, isn't it? I know they need to be on the ground and walking around in public to build their confidence and be socialized but realistically they can get hurt so if they are afraid you can't really blame them but you don't want them to live their lives in fear, either.
I'm so sorry little Spacely became so frightened. How terrible for both of you! How is he doing, now?
Spacely is doing fine now.

You are right, it is a hard balance. I want him to be a dog, not a toy so I rarely actually carry him places and he enjoys walking. In this case, I was trying to scoop him up but had a whirling puppy, freaky chi and 43 lb dog all twirling around me meant that it took me a moment. Had the poodle's intention not been peaceful, someone would have really gotten hurt (and much as I love dogs, I would have hauled off and kicked the poodle away)

He had finally started to relax when other dogs come even close and I am hoping this does not set him back any.

I meant to say the poodle is UNsocialized... she had no idea how to react around other dogs.
The Poodle was rude, that's it that's all. Spacely should have told that impolite dog off, taught him some manners!
Poor little guy :( Hope he gets over the incident, and moves on from this.
You are right you should treat him like a big boy and let him use his feet and so on,
but when it comes to protecting your baby there is nothing wrong with taking him
out of the situation. You're a good mama!
Spacely seems to not be harboring any lingering effects from his scare yesterday. He trotted up to the bus stop this morning, tail in the "Hey, look at me, I'm a happy dog" position, smile on his face. He didn't look or act apprehensive at all. He even gave the dachshund a disdainful look when she barked at him (Seriously, this other dog is just obnoxious)

Yay Spacely!
Good boy Spacely! :thumbright:
I know it wasn't funny at the time, but reading this, i could'nt help but laugh the way you worded it. I really enjoyed reading it. Glad Spacely's all right. I often think the same thing about being so small in such a big world. I guess that's why the majority of Chi's think they're big attack dogs when the mailman comes, but only until that mailman turns toward them and takes one step do the chis come haulin' *** back to mommy with their tail tucked between their legs. lol
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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