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*Bago ate gum*---

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Okay please don't think I'm a bad mommy! But Bago got into my purse last night and got into my gum!!! I think he ate like two pieces, what should I do??? I left a message with his vet but is this okay?? Anyway's he is a kisser and every time he kissed me after that his breath was very he going to be okay???!!!
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i think he will be wasnt a large amount of gum/candy...just check up with your vet to make sure..
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Oh, I know all about those little stinkers getting in your purse. Jazzy got into mine one time, and pulled out and shredded almost a whole pack of the purse-sized tissues. What a mess....

I doubt that a couple of sticks of gum will cause a problem. At least he has fresh breath now. :lol:
Man ,you met jamoka and jemini you would think that i don't feed them b/c they eat EVERYTHING! paper,hair bows,card borad,caryrons,pens,tape, i mean should i go on?! sometimes i really don't know what to do. i take soo many trips to the vet b/c of them eating things! :dontknow: and they work as a team one will sit and play with me while the other is eating something. i'm getting hip to there game! :wave: so gum lol he's oh k
maybe you can check if it comes out ?? to rule out blockage ......
but i think 2 pieces will be no big harm

kisses nat
The problem would be blockage.
Just keep an eye on him to make sure he continues to poop and eat and doesn't start throwing up.
haha mine's not the only theif, mina got into my rolaids the other night, and she loves to steal toilet paper roll's then scatter them allover the living room try waking up to that mess
thanks guy's for your responses...he is fine!!! Sound's like we all have little chi's that are sneaky!!!
Gum... please! My Cooper goes straight for the chocolate!! :lol: :lol:

Good lord... I can't tell you how many times I've called the emergency vet at 2am because I dropped a piece of candy on the floor, Cooper found it and inhaled it (wrapper, too) before I saw him. :banghead: He's going to be the death of me, I swear!

I would think gum wouldn't be a problem since he's not chewing it like we do... and dog saliva is different from ours... I'm going to give Cooper some juicy fruit and see what happens!!

(I'm kidding!)
hmmm is he blowing bubble out the opposite end ? j/k usually it passes in their stool
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