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Here is the bandana collar cover. It comes in your choice of fabrics. .

I also do Cooling Collars for the summer. They have rehydrating beads sewn inside. You soak in cold water OR soak and keep in refridgerator to make colder. They will keep pet cool for hours. They can be rehydrated over and over for hundreds of uses.
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Really cool! How much are those bandanas? I bought a bandana from Petsmart but it looks like a cape on Bosco because he is still so small. Do you make them in different sizes?
That is different, I have never seen it before.
Hi, you are so talented. I've been wanting to make shirts for Mr. Peepers but that's not going so well :roll: . Those are cool. Is it a cover to go over the collar or actually the collar? Do they have those D-ring thingys for the leash to attach to? I really like them....
I would like to see more fabric options please :wave:
It is a collar cover which slides over your dogs regular collar.
I'd like to see the different fabric options, too! :D
I have just finished putting the fabric choices together. Mia has graciously offered to help me with the webpage since I'm computer stupid :oops: .
She should have the page up soon. I just sent her the file..... LOL well hopefully anyweay... she might have gotten pix of my Family reunion... :D

Good luck with the page! Let us know when it is up and running. :wave:
Here it is...

Site is not actually up yet so you would need to email me with questions.
I like the choices, lots to choose from!! :wink:
WOW good choices ...I really have my eye on 3 of the fabrics :D
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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