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Bandana Collar Covers???

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Does anyone here make Bandana Collar Covers? You know, the kind that you slide the collar into?

I bought one a while back from a member here and I don't think she is here anymore. I really really like them and was interested in getting some new ones.

Anyone know? :wave:
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dori does! (gadgets mama) she makes all types of bandanas.
Ooooh I wonder if she'll make me some and I'll pay her for them!!! :D

I've looked on a couple sites and some sell them for $5.00 and then some for $2.00, so I guess the prices vary. The $5.00 have a much bigger selection in material than the $2.00, maybe that's the reason for the difference. :) But for $5.00 I'd rather learn to make them myself! :D :D
Kari, I will msake you some if you would like...

I make the ones that slip over the collar and I make ones that snap tie, or velcro too...

I can make the custom fit to your guys..

Kari I sell mine @

$3.00 for small dogs
$5.00 for medium dogs
$8.00 for large dogs
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Sweet! Gadget looks freakin adorable in that one! I must have missed it when you posted it.

I am PM'ing you right now. :wink:
hey i have never seen those type of bandanas before that is too cool!
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