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I just posted a BARF Diet FAQ written by staff vet Margaret Muns who works with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. It is in the articles section for anyone interested. Hopefully we can refer to it whenever anyone asks about it.
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I'm a BARFer, and here are some of the links I have listed on my pet forum:

I really like this website, as it tends to wrap up many informative links:


Follow these links for more information:

Good introductory page

Barfworld- Ian Billinghurst

Ian Billinghurst-

Kymythy Schultze- The Ultimate Diet

Pierce Grinder-

Pottenger's Cats-(scientific article about raw feeding of cats)

BARF for cats-

Purveyor's Search- finding some food sources in your area - Folder/Header Index .html


Very nice vitamin and nutrition breakdown:


Here's another one I just ran across:
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Thank you SO much for posting this article. I just finished reading it, and it is excellent. I have a friend who feeds the barf diet, and have had ongoing "discussions" with her about the safety of the diet. I've printed out the article to show her. She probably still won't believe it though. She is fanatic about this diet!

Now I know why my vet had such a strong negative reaction when I mentioned it to him.
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