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BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am getting very angry with Pip. When ever he hears anything out of the norm, he starts to bark and WILL NOT STOP! I say NO BARKING-and swat him on the rump (lightly). Doesn't make a difference. We had some guys come over to fix our heater and he barked for fifteen minutes.
I appreciate him being such a good watch dog, but we live in an apt and I get embarrassed that he barks so much and it is so loud for a dog his size. I need help-He is getting worse too, and he doesn't listen to me at all. What do you suggest??????
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I got Bosco a gentle leader head-collar. When he barked I pulled up on it, thereby closing his mouth and said QUIET. Once he stopped trying to bark, I released my hold on the collar and he got a treat. He hardly ever barks now. I highly recommend it!
I have NO advice on that one. Mr. Peepers likes to bark at everyone. I live in an apartment too, upstairs, so anytime anyone walks by he is barking. Buster doesn't really bark at all, unless he's playing but today he went on a barking frenzy. I looked out my window and seen 2 people sitting on the trunk of their car, I guess he just didn't like the way they looked. :roll:

Lately Mr. Peepers has been barking at the T.V. too. Does Pip do that? That is funny at first but when he does it alot it can be annoying. I just tell him to stop with a stern voice and eventually he does.
he'll bark if someone knocks on a door on the tv. I don't mind him barking when we play-just the other kind. I like the idea of the gentle head lead, where do you get those?
mel - just recently I was reading about barking...
If you dont mind I tell you what I remebered - cos I dont seem to find the same link again :(
So, they advice to take an empty can (coca-cola for example) and fill it with some coins, and seal the hole with the tape. When the doggie barks, roll the can on the floor towards the hind paws (not to the head). Dogs usually hate that sound and will get distracted and stop barking. While rolling the can tell something like "quite" or "stop". When he stops, tell "good dog!" :)
soon it will be enought to just shake the can, or just say "quite" :)
Personally I clapp my hands if Pupa is barking too much and say "stop it" :wink:
I got Bosco's at PetSmart...and I had the trainer fit it to him properly which I would recommend you doing. If it is fit properly it looks like it is way too tight but it isn't. The dog is still able to eat and drink with it on. it is not a muzzle although it kind of looks like one. It is the same thing that therapy dogs often wear. Here is a link to read more about it:
hi you have had some great advice there from anna and dolgad the only thing I will tell you is not too smack him vevn lightly it does not work with chihuahuas

yiou could try a water bottle spray and everytime he does it at nothing squirt him with the gun and then he will not associate it with you where when you smack him he knows it is you and may loose trust with you :wave:
thank you everyone. I will try the can idea or water-the water will work for the cats too. I will not smack him on the rump anymore. Didn't realize it didn't really work on Chis. I love him so much and I don't want him scared of me. Of course, I think it would take a lot, right now he is curled up in my lap :)
Thanks again!
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