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Barrington Mixer

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Oh the Barrington Mixer was so fun. I didn't get to meet everyone because Seiah was so timid and kept hiding behind my legs or my fiances. But it was so nice meeting the people face to face. Nate took some pictures of Seiah and I can't wait to see how those came out. Ash forgot the camera :roll: . Anyways I got to meet Tiny in person and she is soooooooooo tiny. I love her, and Romeo whom my fiance and I call "the wise one" because he looks like an older version of Seiah and walks so confidantly. Anyways I can't wait for the next one.
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Regina, thanks for coming all the way out from PV! I posted some pictures up in the pictures section, a few of Seiah that were very cute!
the pics were so cute and tiny was so tiny lol :lol:
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