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how often do you bathe your chi? I've heard once a month is rec'd.
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yes once a month unles they are dirty :wave:
Yep I agree. We have been having a lot of rain lately so a couple of mornings after our walk he got a partial rinse because he was so dirty :lol: I guess that comes from being so low to the ground when it is wet :D
I bought some of those pet wipes and they work really well! About twice a month we'll use a wipe on her, and occasionally a bath, but she hardly ever needs a real bath, she's a prissy clean girl!
I use the baby wipes between baths. Sometimes they just get stinky and you really notice it because she is in my face (well, I mean I am in hers kissing her) :love7:
I know this is an older topic.... but why do you need to give a bath once a month????

I THOUGHT I would only need to bathe her when she got dirty, is there a reason a bath is needed once a month?
Boy I feel stupid for asking. :oops:

Mammadog, I have to give you trouble! You sound like my daughter!! Sometimes when I tell her she needs to take her shower, she will tell me she isn't dirty and sometimes she will say, "why, I took one the day before yesterday!!!" :D
Sorry, I just had to tell you that. She is at the age where that WILL change!! I have older teens and they wouldn't dare be seen w/out a shower first!!

One more thing, I admit I have had Lola for a little over a month and still have not bathed her yet. :oops: I actually like her puppy smell!!!
I don't think it is necessary to bath them once a month.

I only bathed my big dogs when they got that doggy smell. Of coarse it was more often in the summer.
LOL :lol: sillymom... boy do I know what you mean. I have 4 kids. But then again, the two middle children think a bath is just great, and will sometimes ASK... yes ask to take one. I bet that changes a lot between now and high school. :)

I have given Lady a bath, well two really. Lady got dirty and needed one. I just know with my other two larger dogs German Shepherd and Lab mix that giving to many bathes is hard on their skin and will wask away the natural oils etc... so I wanted to know if it was different for a smaller breed like our chis.

MD still laughing
Oops. Stupid me, again. I bathe Sp when he gets itchy or needs to have a flea treatment.

Recently he's had several baths with hydrocortizone shampoo because we adopted a kitten that couldn't be bathed right away and we got fleas. (The kitty was injured when we brought her home... someone threw her out of a car going 60 mph onto the highway.)

The shampoo is very, very mild and helps the itching. But Sp has a double coat and the sprays just don't seem to penetrate all of the way to the skin or I would just spray him instead of bathing him, I think.
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