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Bed time for the puppies :)

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I took a couple pics last night while the girls were settled down. Look how Lilo is laying lol She covered up her face so I couldn't see her anymore lol
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oh wow! She is having an "I want to be alone" moment :D :D

great piccies :)
How sweet. She didn't want any photos taken. :lol:
Kristen they ar both gorgeous :D
They are both sooo cute! Lilo looks so funny! I have atleast 5 pics of Molly like that! She hates when I take pics while she's trying to sleep! LOL! :D
Hehe I fell that way myself sometimes Too cute :D
aww give the poor puppy some sleep! lol
so cute
sjc said:
That first picture is priceless! :)
I totally agree!! :D
Thanks girls :) Lilo isn't used to having a camara in her face all the time yet lol Give it another
lol just like me i hate my pic taken while i'm sleeping!
When they cover their eyes like that, I always think they're saying 'the light's in my eyes! :lol:
that first pic is really weird's like something from a freak show is lying there :shock: i don't know what to make of his head :?: :D

looks like they are exhausted from playing

kisses nat
That is so cute. Bed time is always the best because you get to spend time with them tucking them in.
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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